Digital Premium and Programatic

The definition of online is reductive today in terms of a scope of digital devices and instruments that have, over time, accompanied and replaced the classic PC for online navigation. Accessibility to the contents offered by publishers is multiplying, and likewise the number of tailored “editions” developed for each technological device and for connection between the various digital platforms  (PC, smartphone, tablet, iPad, social network, applications…). For brands, there has been significant growth in offer within the digital world, and the opportunity of reaching specific targets who enjoy digital media at different times and in different situations during the day is more polished.

Strategies dedicated to digital media are already crucial in our clients’ planning. No longer a mere but effective complement, digital media are now a platform to which targeted strategies are dedicated. Suggested digital advertising solutions are increasingly complex and sophisticated both from the point of view of creativity and of monitoring and measurability. Communication plans seamlessly integrating print and digital media are more and more interesting and successful. At IME we are proud to help our publisher on their digital journey through offer in Premium Digital and programmatic solutions.